Reborn Zori LE 99/700


Sculpt - Zori LE #99/700 by Dawn McLeod
Reborn by: Sue Shupenia Creative


  • Reborn on 05.24.20 | 4:45PM
  • Weight: 3 lbs 9 oz
  • Length: 16”
  • Arms: Full
  • Legs: Full
  • Cloth Body
  • Combi Dark Blond with very light blond rooted Mohair for hair & eyelashes with painted effects
  • magnet for a modified pacifier

Zori! This adorable lil’squishy was modeled after my granddaughter who was a preemie at birth, weighing in at a whomping 3lbs, 9ozs Zori reminded me so much of Faith! Now my granddaughter celebrated her graduation this year! As I was bringing to life this cutie, the world stopped for Covid19 which delayed my attention to her, once back on track my world stopped again for my husband who had suffered a major heart attack! Through the power of support, prayers and a quick medical team he was given a second chance at life! 
Zori is a limited edition sculpted by the amazing artist Dawn McLeod and she is currently looking for her forever mommy....will that be you? 

Zori has been painted with Genesis Heat Set Paints (GHSP). Paint is applied in several layers to create a depth of skin appearance making it look more realistic, he/she has also been protected with a final layer of matte varnish on his/her arms and legs, (Genesis Matte Varnish) this will give texture to the skin and eliminate or greatly reduce shine. His/Her face, palms and feet bottoms have been protected with a final layer of luster varnish giving him/her the look of kissable moist skin.

Zori has been weighted with poly-fill & glass beads. No sand is ever used in my babies. He has been weighted to feel just like a real baby when you pick him up. You will have to support his little head and he will easily snuggle right into your arms.

Zori wears preemie sized infant clothing.

Zori when adopted will arrive home to his new Mommy with a reborn Birth Certificate, COA, Care Instructions, he/she will be sporting an outfit meant just for him/her he/she will also come with his/her own blanket, pacifier, teddy with name necklace and extra diapers. When you purchase from my store right here, you will also be able to choose your favorite headband from the available selection. A packaging video is done but I’m really slow at posting them! 

PLEASE NOTE: Sue's lil'squishies are custom made quality art dolls, they are not intended to be a play doll and is not recommended for children under the age of 13 years of age. It is not recommended to use baby lotions, or other products. Hair around hairline is often rooted sparsely to resemble a real baby, and should be handled gently.

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