Availability & Pricing

My babies are brought to life one at a time, this enables me to direct my undivided attention and creativity so that little baby has its own personality when completed. In the past I have found trying to complete more than one baby at one time makes me lose interest in that sculpt making it difficult to keep the connection for my completed vision.

All the babies I complete are chosen by myself. Most of my babies tend to sell fast leaving no "in stock" adoptions. When available my babies will be either listed with a set price or will go on auction, this is dependent on the sculpt. Regardless, all my listings will provide full details including weight, length, date of birth, COA number if applicable etc.

Please keep in mind that I am NOT a custom  artist and that I typically will NOT repeat a sculpt unless I envision it to look totally different and complementary.

I will provide a heads up on Social Media (Instagram & Facebook) once the baby has been completed and is heading off for their photo session, this is an indicator that the sculpt will be available within the next couple of days. Once the photos have been completed another post will done letting everyone know the sculpt is available and whether it is through auction or store.

Price ranges from $989.98 CAD and up for Vinyl dolls and $589.98 CAD and up for Cuddle Babies.

 I offer up to 3 payments, please contact me directly for more info.


Updated 07,2021