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In April 2018 after being diagnosed with a lung disease, Sue had to make the difficult decision to scale down on her passion of photography,  having difficulty with breathing and  the added extra weight it was difficult to continue in the fast paced wedding and life photography genre's. But a true artist will always find a passion to fill the void of another...Sue did. After stumbling across a reborn on social media, she fell in love... at that moment she knew that the burning passion from within to fill a void would now be through a paintbrush instead of her lens.

My love for this art continues to grow with every creation, each and every single baby is carefully, purposefully & passionately brought to life with intentionally mixed colors, custom brushes & the finest of details that are unique to each baby.

Sue Shupenia Creative - Photographer, Reborn Artist, Creative
Hi, I'm Sue, a Photographer, Reborn  Artist
Girlboss & Creative based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.